vendredi 8 novembre 2013

Coming back from Mexico

What a trip it was! And now, we're already in november, and it might snow today. Time goes by fast.

My trip to Mexico was amazing, and sometimes stressing (but that's just me who stresses too much). It was hot, sunny everyday (it only rained two times, for 15 minutes each time!), it was exotic, the food was excellent, and I had a great time. I went there with my brother (I also live with him so we made the entire trip together), my father, his girlfriend and her son, who is approximately my age. My brother and I stayed a week only, and I think it was enough for a first time there. I had so many objectives before I went, like how many pictures I would take, how I would draw everyday, bring so many special memories, buy gifts for everyone..... Well, it didn't happened exactly as I planned. First, it was HOT. And humid. So humid! I didn't do very well in the hot and humid temperature, I just felt tired all day everyday (except when we went shopping to Playa del Carmen, I don't know why that is....), and didn't have as much energy as I would have liked to do all my creative things. I did try to write everyday though, but the last 3 days or so I didn't write much, or at all. I'm happy with the pictures I brought back, but I feel I don't have enough! But the essential is there, at least.

Here, a couple of pictures for you to enjoy!

At our airport gate, there was this sign... Ohh Starbucks! Oppened at 4h30 am if I remember correctly!

One of many breakfast

La playa

Drink: Coco Loco

La cerveza... was even better because the temperature was so hot!

Lobby of one of the hotels

Playa del Carmen


Another playa

My hat. I actually left it at the hotel when I came back. Not sure why.

Morning writing, before breakfast

 View from the dining room!

one of the pools

Margarita, oh my.

My father and a street musician, it was beautiful! I don't remember what he played.

Loved this store, didn't go inside I think.

The moment I should have stopped and buy some skulls

Regular sight on la playa

We spent a day on a catamaran (big boat), it was fun!

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