dimanche 24 novembre 2013

My first hand-bound journal

This November, I stitched and glued and constructed my first hand-bound journal!

I bought the class of Mary Ann Moss from Dispatch from LA called "Ticket To Venice" a.k.a TTV. It is pure happiness: in this class, we can come along to her Venice trip and look at all her pictures, watch videos of her in Venice, and she also shows two or three stitching techniques, plus a very user friendly how to to learn how to make a journal (or a travel journal, since this class is centered around her trip in Venice), fill it, use it! I think I bought this class in October, but I first tried (and successed) making a journal in November.

It was a wonderful experience and I bought quality equipment so I am ready to make many more journals! Let me show you what I did:

Here is the cover of my new journal, I bought an old italian dictionary to use the cover, and covered it with a special wrapping paper.

I used the beginner's stitch.

This is at the end of my journal. I used a stamped flower to decorate, some paper from a moleskine pamphlet, washi tape, and duck tape

My first page! It reads: Productive day in the studio.

I used a variety of papers: some watercolor paper, some decorative paper, bits and pieces of this and that, and magazine pages cropped to fit the journal for the only purpose of writing.

Here you have decorative paper, covered by a smaller page of heavy watercolor paper, and a postcard taken from TTV class.

One of the magazine pages


I've had this paper for years and didn't know what to do with it, until now!

And finally the cover of my journal!

I made my first journal smaller than the ones I usually use (I have a friend who made me several art journals) because I wanted to get back to the habit of daily journaling. I am still working on it, but I am so happy and so proud of the result!! I love using a journal that I made myself, it adds so much to the experience!

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