mercredi 27 novembre 2013

On agendas and painting

The end of the year is coming fast and soon we'll be in 2014 without realizing it! And I needed an agenda.

I like to buy myself nice ones (that cost at least 20$) because I intend to keep them forever (and when I'll be tired of that, I'll turn them into journals or collage books), except this year I am on a budget (a LOT of projects!) so I took an agenda I can get at my workplace for free. The cover was o.k. but nothing exciting, and I like to have a fun cover since I will carry this book around with me for 365 days! What I did is I printed a booklet Mary Ann (from dispatchfromla ) made for The Artstronauts Club (it is fantastic and you should subscribe!!) and took one the pages I liked and that would fit my cover perfectly. I cut it to size, glued it with a glue stick (the paper I use to print is a not too thin paper but I didn't want to get it all wavy because of medium acrylic...), decorated with washi tape, paint markers, glitter glue, and other things... It is drying as I type this, and I am looking forward to 2014 to use it and personnalise it even more!

My desk is always cluttered like this.

On another subject, did you know that I paint? Well, now you do! My main "subject" is portraits, because I love to draw and paint faces obviously, I think to look at a portrait of someone you know or a stranger, it is always entertaining to imagine what is going through their mind, what is going on in their lives when this portrait was made.

At least a year and a half ago, I made a deal with a creative friend. She would make me  a certain number of journals (that she made from A to Z, with the greatest paper in the world!)  and I would paint for her two portraits. The first I did was one of her best friend, and the other one I made of her. This is it.

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