vendredi 29 novembre 2013

Making an album

Recently, I celebrated my two years anniversary with my boyfriend. We usually give each other a gift, and so this year since I starting making hand bound books, I decided to make a photo journal of sorts. I took an old book with a sturdy cover and painted it blue. After that, I used duck tape (fancy one!) on the spine inside and outside the journal to make it sturdier. I got my favorite pictures printed (on my "to do in the future" list: figure out if I can print on photo paper with my printer, and do it!) and got to work! 

I used watercolour paper in the journal, it is thicker than regular paper and has a nice texture. I glued all pictures before I added washi tape around some of them. All rectangle pictures were printed elsewhere but the ones with special frames like the round ones (thank you hipstamatic) I printed at home on regular paper, and I think it looks good!

We went on so many adventures this year, and I had a lot of great pictures! I can't wait for the next adventures!

This project took 2-3 days to complete. I hand bound the journal in an evening, but then painting and letting dry the cover took some time, and when everything was done I added a coat of medium gloss gel to give shine and varnish to the cover, and for added protection.

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